February 2022

The Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership (TSSP) APPP Contents is based on the Care and Support Statutory Guidance, Chapter 14 Adult Safeguarding and other relevant legislation and guidance. It is divided into different sections, each with a number of specific chapters.  The different sections can be accessed by clicking on the arrow next to ‘Contents’ on the left of the screen. By clicking on the word ‘Contents’, all of the sections and chapters will be displayed.

This section provides the context and the key information that underpin the work of the Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership and all partners agencies who work with adults and carers.

It includes three chapters taken from the Care and Support Statutory Guidance, Department of Health and Social Care. These chapters are about the responsibilities of the local authority, but the principles of promoting wellbeing, preventing, reducing or delaying needs and providing information and advice are relevant to all agencies.

This section relates to the requirements of the local authority in Trafford to undertake enquiries when there is concern an adult is experiencing or at risk of abuse or neglect. It also lays out the requirements of partner agencies in relation to their roles in such an enquiry. In addition it provides additional information in relation to particular circumstances that may arise during an enquiry.

This section relates to the Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership (TSSP), which became a statutory body under the Care Act 2014. It covers the roles and responsibilities of the TSSP and partner agencies, and some of the key responsibilities particularly in relation to information sharing, management of staff and partnership working.

This section relates to conducting Safeguarding Adult Reviews which are now legislated under the Care Act 2014. It also includes large scale investigations, where there are safeguarding concerns in relation to a specific organisation.

This section provides information in relation to mental capacity, mental health and associated issues.

This section contains additional information within the national framework and also local information applicable to Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership and partner agencies.