1. Mission Statement

The Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership (TSSP) works collaboratively with other safeguarding partnerships to safeguard the people of Trafford.

The work of the TSSP is driven by the needs of the whole population; valuing diversity and addressing inequalities that impact safeguarding is at the heart of our work.

The TSSP works strategically to ensure effective and coordinated work by all agencies is person centred and focused on real outcomes for the people of Trafford.

We are committed to contemporary, open and transparent ways of working that promote inclusion, shared learning and best practice.  Our aim is to continually improve, developing responsive and effective services whilst ensuring that local people are supported in contributing to a safer Trafford.

2. Overarching Purpose

The Care Act 2014 creates a legal framework for Adult Safeguarding. The Act requires local authorities to establish Safeguarding Adults Boards (in Trafford this is called the Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership) to undertake core duties, these are:

  • develop and publish a strategic plan setting out how they will meet their objectives and how their member and partner agencies will contribute;
  • publish an annual report detailing how effective their work has been;
  • commission safeguarding adults reviews (SARs) for any cases which meet the criteria for these.

The fundamental purpose of TSSP is to establish and maintain an independent multi-agency approach to meet these core duties. As such the chair will co-ordinate TSSP members and external consultant’s activities in order to identify, minimise, support and address the requirements of adults with care and support needs who are or may become at risk of abuse.

TSSP is also dedicated to establishing working practices which do not seek to apportion blame, in situations where reviews or enquiries are required. Transparency will be at the centre of enquiries; lessons learned will be used to improve future practice and partnership working to safeguard adults who are experiencing or at risk of abuse or neglect. The overall objective of the TSSP is to enhance the quality of life of such adults, and to progressively improve the services of those in need of protection.

See also Roles and Responsibilities of the Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership

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