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Message from Nathan Atkinson, Corporate Director of Adults and Wellbeing

Welcome to our Adult Policy and Procedures Portal. We have introduced this as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting excellent working practices and standards for all frontline staff – whether that be in social work and social care assessment, reablement, in-house provider services etc.

This Portal has been designed so that everyone is aware of the correct policy, procedure and statutory guidance and staff are clear on what they are expected to do and the standards they must work to. This Portal is easy to navigate and gives staff instant access to the most up to date information they need. It helps to ensure we focus on delivering first class care and support within the requirements of the Care Act, and that knowledge of the most up to date standards, policy and procedure supports decision making.

The nature of our work means that we respond to the needs of Trafford’s most vulnerable, impaired and disabled citizens, therefore the work we do has to be right first time, be delivered in a timely and professional manner and, wherever possible, support adults’ preferred outcomes to a high standard. This Portal is designed to support that process.

Adult safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do and underpins all our work. Therefore it is important that staff familiarise themselves with the Safeguarding procedures.

This Portal will be updated on an ongoing basis. It contains links to the Trafford Council website and the Trafford Directory, which is where we host all of our local information, policies and procedures, particularly for those areas which are beyond adult social care, such as human resources, performance and communications.

If you are an Information Asset Owner, we request that you take this role seriously and ensure that the information you are responsible for is regularly checked and updated to ensure that our staff access high quality and accurate information at all times.

Finally, this Portal will benefit our new work to integrate our services with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Health partners. It will also help all the partners we work with understand our policies and procedures. We hope that it will be a valuable reference resource for everyone involved in supporting adults, so that we deliver even better care and support for people living in our neighbourhoods across Trafford.


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