Changes in relation to Coronavirus Act 2020

The Care Act Easements relieve the local authority of the duty to undertake assessments of children transitioning to adult social care, if the local authority deems it necessary to do so.  See Care Act easements: guidance for local authorities (Department of Health and Social Care).

Click here to view Trafford Multi-Agency Transition Protocol for Young People with Disabilities or Additional Needs Moving from Children’s to Adult Services


It places a duty on the local authority to assess a child, young carer or child’s carer before they turn 18, in order to help them plan if likely to have needs once they (or the child they care for) turn 18 and if it will be of significant benefit.



Integration, Cooperation and Partnerships

Care and Support Planning


Chapter 16, Transition to Adult Care and Support, Care and Support Statutory Guidance (Department of Health and Social Care)

Transition from Children’s to Adults’ Services for Young People using Health or Social Care Services (NICE, 2016)

See also Transition to Adult Care and Support Case Studies, Resources

Welcome to Preparing for Adulthood: The Role of Social Workers (SCIE)

July 2020: A link to Welcome to Preparing for Adulthood: The Role of Social Workers published by SCIE has been added, as above.

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